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The Law of Attraction posits that by emanating either positive or negative energies, one will attract more of either positive or negative energy in their life. Living by this statement, believing that you have the capability to draw audiences and fantastic guests to your podcast will allow the universe to help make it happen. Michele Joy is an internationally recognized and acclaimed Law of Attraction coach and podcaster. She sits down with Tracy Hazzard to discuss how she applies the Law of Attraction to her podcast-related endeavors to maximize success. Let Michele and Tracy show you how this universal law applies to the work that you do, in or out of podcasting.

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The Law Of Podcast Audience Attraction With Michele Joy

I have a great episode for you. Law of Attraction in Action and the host, Michele Joy. She’s got a great show. She’s been doing this for quite some time. It attracts great readers. The Law of Attraction in Action is what her show is all about. She’s an internationally recognized Law of Attraction coach, podcaster, speaker and blogger. Her show is being heard in over 100 countries helping thousands of people. She has video blogs, 365 Days of Joy and 365 Days of Miracle Moments. She offers daily inspiration in her life-changing book, Thrive and Shine!: How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart. She helps people find hope again when they thought there was none.

She spent years as a registered nurse. Working with the dying has also given her a mountain of compassion for people. Her great mission is to help people live their lives fully and never die with regret. She lives in Portland, Oregon. She has been doing this since June 2018. She’s got over 140 episodes and she has such beautiful energy in what she does. She’s truly living the Law of Attraction in what she does and how she pushes that message out there. I completely enjoyed my conversation because it is her style of relationship building and conversation that leads to the success of her show. She models that here as a guest as well. Everyone, Michele Joy.

About Michele Joy

TBF 35 | The Law Of AttractionMichele Joy is an internationally recognized Law of Attraction coach, Podcaster, author, speaker and blogger.

Her popular podcast, “Law of Attraction in Action” is being heard in over 100 countries and is helping thousands of people with her bi-weekly inspirational talks. Her video blogs, “365 Days of Joy” and “365 Days of Miracle Moments” offer daily inspiration and her life changing book, “Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart” is helping people to find hope again when they thought there was none.

Her years as a Registered Nurse, specifically working with the dying, has also given her a mountain of compassion for people’s lives. Her greatest mission is to help people live their lives fully and never die with regret. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her two boys, two cats and her soulmate Paul.

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Michele, I am glad you could be here. Law of Attraction in Action is the name of your show. I love that you’re using that about the action part. That’s the part where it falls apart so often with people. They think, “I have to manifest it. I have to think about it.”

I’ve been teaching this for years. I taught a group here in Portland, Oregon, where I live. I taught it through a Meetup every other week. I heard many people’s stories and I realized what helped people with the Law of Attraction is hearing people’s stories and people were making it work in their lives. There is one thing if you read a book and you watched the movie, The Secret, which is how most people come into the Law of Attraction. It’s to do something with it is the hardest part. That name just came to me. I’m grateful because it’s a perfect name. It’s exactly what I teach about and what my guests share is using it in their lives.

You’ve been doing this since 2018. How has it gone for you? Did you decide one day to do it and it was unexpected and everything’s been good or has it been rough? What happened?

This is a great story and I’m glad to share this here because it truly was miraculous. One thing that I do, a part of the Law of Attraction is I have a lot of faith in the universe and I always leave it to the universe, “What’s next?” I always follow that inspiration, but I often have to get in that quiet place. It happened when I did an event that nobody showed up for. If anyone else can understand that, but it sucks.

It’s like having a party and no one shows. I feel for you.

I had a moment of like, “I can be devastated or I can follow my joy.” I was doing a video blog called 365 Days of Joy. I was like, “I’m going to follow my joy.” I went to this beautiful winery and I was like, “This is beautiful.” The people who owned it were amazing in how they made this miraculous winery out of nothing. All of a sudden, I had this inspiration for a podcast. Earlier that day, a friend that I met a long time ago, she did a podcast. That planted that seed. It came to me like, “I could do a podcast because I love speaking and I’m not afraid to talk. This is great because I can get out there.” I messaged her, “How did you do that?” She goes, “Go here, go there.” I’m like, “Perfect.”

That next day and may have been that day, I recorded my first podcast. That title came to me when I was at the winery and I was like, “That’s it. That’s what I’m doing,” but I knew nothing. It’s a great story because truly, this podcast has been in the flow for me. I’ve had no problems getting guests. I’ve met amazing people from all over the world. Every time I hear their story, I am sky high and high vibration and feeling great. Within six months, I reached 10,000 listeners.

No one showed up at your event, but they all showed up to listen.

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At that point, it kept going up exponentially. I’ve never had a problem getting a guest. It’s been easy because I’ve been in my joy. I love teaching, then I started adding in solo sessions. It’s been an easy flowing journey. I get to teach what I love and because it’s an attraction-based universe, I’m attracting people all the time who love to share their stories. It’s a win-win.

You didn’t know what you’re doing. There had to have been some hiccups along the way and some funny things. What happened and how did you not let it derail you?

In the beginning, I didn’t know how to record it. I did Zencastr. I was like, “The sound quality is better,” but then I kept having glitches.

It probably wasn’t you back then in 2018. They were having glitches because they were new.

I did my intro and then I did an interview right away. I did it on Anchor, which is where I have my platform. Right away, in the middle of the interview, it cut off. I lost everything. Luckily, they’re friends of mine. I was like, “I’m sorry. I don’t know how to get this back. We’re going to have to rerecord, but I had to find something else.” Where I was recording it was a huge challenge. It’s funny because I went taking all my podcasts and putting it into a book, which is exciting. As I’m downloading all my audio, I’m listening to my very beginnings and they’re bad but the content’s good. I keep them there and it’s good to keep it there for authenticity so people know the journey. I didn’t know how to do commercials. I didn’t know how to intro or outro. I didn’t know any of it. I was like, “I’ll put a little bit of music in and hope for the best.” It’s been a journey.

How did you let these challenges not derail you?

I knew that I had a good thing. I knew that people needed to hear these stories. That’s been what’s driving me is I know how amazing our lives can be when we live in the Law of Attraction and when we understand the universal energies. Much of what I’ve learned is being a full-time entrepreneur. I’ve only been a full-time entrepreneur for two years. I used to be a nurse. Nursing and entrepreneurship are two completely different things. That’s been the journey in itself. I guess it is because I have this passion of teaching this and having that trusted spirit. There are days when I have bad days and I’ll go for a walk. I’ll go out in nature. I find ways to get into alignment and I cry. I talked to my sweetie. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a business owner because his business has grown. I have a great support system, but it has not been easy. The easy part is every time I get on the computer with a microphone with my guests, I’m on cloud nine. That’s what keeps me going.

It is important that you point that out because too early on, not everyone has great success that you did of hitting 10,000 in a quick amount of time. Their plays at the beginning can be a little devastating if they’re all in their numbers and not in the moment of the interviews. That’s a better indicator of you’re enjoying that if your guest is enjoying that. If that feels good, you’re onto something.

Honestly, Tracy, I never thought about the numbers. When I hit that 10,000, I was shocked. I didn’t know what to compare to because I wasn’t listening to podcasts that much.

You are not alone. I could tell you, 90% of the people I interview on this show who are podcasters are not listeners, which is shocking to me.

TBF 35 | The Law Of Attraction
The Law Of Attraction: It’s amazing how much better your life can be when you live in the Law of Attraction, and allow yourself to understand the universal energies.

I do listen to some, but in the beginning, I didn’t listen. I didn’t want that competition feeling of like, “They’re doing it much better than me. I’m not going to listen to them because then I will never compare to them.”

This is why I’m not an author because I’ve read thousands and thousands of books. Sometimes I read like 300 a year. It’s intimidating to me. The book sits on my credenza because I’m like, “This still isn’t good enough. It’s still not up to the standard of what I read.”

I wrote my book in the same way. I’ve written a book and it came out exactly the same way. It’s a challenge for myself to see if I can do it. This is the podcast. It’s a challenge to see if I can do it. I took this as a challenge to see if I can do it and see what happens. I didn’t focus on the numbers. I do a little bit more, I admit. I’m like, “This is cool.” I get excited because the numbers are high. I’m trying to not get too wrapped up in that. It is exciting to see, but it’s important for people who are reading to know that you have to do what you love and you have to trust it’s going to work out. Do not focus on the numbers and do not focus on what other people are doing too. That’s maybe why I’ve not listened to many podcasts except for Oprah, the big ones. I’m like, “It’s okay that they’re totally dialed in.”

They’ve got the production team.

I’ve also done everything on my own. I’ve done my editing. I’ve done everything. That’s been pretty crazy.

That takes a lot of time. You started this journey as an entrepreneur a couple of years ago. That means that you have to build some fast authority into the marketplace and to get people to notice you. How has podcasting tapped into that for you? How has it been? Has it created a quick or fast path?

It’s been huge. I’m getting people from all over the world. I’m heard in almost a hundred countries. I will get messages from people in New Zealand, Asia and India. It was crazy that I’m reaching the world. I always had this dream that I’d speak in front of thousands of people. One day, I had this epiphany. I’m like, “I’m not going on speaking. I’m reaching tens of thousands of people with my podcast and I don’t have to leave my living room.” I have my slippers on. How great is that? How many of you go speak and have their slippers on? Maybe some people do, but the reach has been amazing. I think because I share my heart so much on this podcast and I share my passion, people are starting to see the authentic me.

That’s been important for me too is being able to share who I am. I think there are a lot of coaches out there in the world who you don’t know who they are. You’d go to hire them and be like, “I don’t know who you are.” I want people to know who I was. It’s to the point, I have almost fans. They’ll email like, “You changed my life.” I had a woman on my podcast because she reached out to me on Facebook. I said, “I want you on my podcast.” She’s a big fan. The first thing she says to me, “This is like a dream come true. I can’t believe I’m on your podcast.” That trips me.

That happened to me. I told you we were doing this podcast and someone walks up to me and like, “I can’t believe I get to be on your show.” I was like, “Okay.”

She was like, “This is cool.” I was like, “We’re the same. Come sit over here by me. We’re fine.” Then I attract guests that are New York Times bestselling author, who reached out to me to be on my podcast. I did nothing. She came to me. That’s where the authority is coming out is that I’m getting respected enough that I’m attracting amazing guests. I’m attracting guests who are my fans, which then makes it real for everybody.

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Has it led to speaking engagements and other things that you didn’t imagine that it’s going to happen?

It’s definitely led to more business. It’s helped my coaching business. It’s led to interviews like this. It’s led to more of the online connections.

I’m going to ask you five questions. These are tips for someone new who’s starting out. I want to tap into some of your thoughts on how you do this. For some of us, we sit back and we go, “I don’t know, we just do it.” Hopefully, you’ll be able to come up with something. What are the lessons, stories, anything that you have on some of the best ways to book great guests?

One of the best ways is I always put a shout out in every single podcast. I say, “I want to hear from you. If you have a story you want to share on my podcast, reach out to me.” Come to think of it, I haven’t gotten a ton of that way. I think probably the best recommendation is people who I respect, I will do a shout out to them like, “I’m looking for guests. Do you know of anybody?” These people I know have a big group, a big network that are people that I know would be in my realm. Sometimes I’ll do a basic post on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn, “I’m looking for guests.” I know we are in an attraction-based universe, for me, it’s more of, “I’ll put that energy out that I will track the best people to interview.” I also do not pre-screen people. I know a lot of podcasters do, but I don’t. I have absolute faith that people who are going to come to me are the right people. I don’t do an interview beforehand. I do a quick questionnaire to make sure they know what the Law of Attraction is. I’ve had one woman I met at a networking group where she did not know the Law of Attraction. I’m like, “How’s this going to work out?” It works out great. I do trust that the universe will bring you the right people because I’m putting out that energy, so like attracts like. I always get the right people.

I do the same thing. I don’t do pre-interviews for that same reason. I believe that if they were meant to be in my path, they are. At the end of the day, you always have a choice not to air something which rarely happens.

That’s probably my biggest suggestion. The biggest thing too for me is trust.

What about some ways to increase listeners? It’s great that they found you were there, but do you take some actions to increase those listeners?

The biggest thing that’s part of why I’ve been successful is I’ve been consistent with my post. I post every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 AM, consistently. I’ve also been consistent in my message. I always start with the same intro, and people have told me that they love it. I do the same singsongy, “Welcome to Law of Attraction in Action.” Every episode, I start with that. I’ve heard the feedback of the people like, “I love your singsongy voice.” When they talk to me with this discovery session with a coach, they were like, “I miss your singsongy voice.” I post twice a week and I also share on social media every single post. I think that’s helped.

You said you produced the show all yourself, which is surprising because you’ve come so far. It has a great sound. Your sound levels are good and all of those things. You teched it out. What do you do to produce it in a professional way?

Honestly, it’s my lovely Mac and GarageBand. It’s my best friend. Sometimes it’s fine that I don’t need much editing. I’ve learned through YouTube how to do all my own editing. It’s been fun for me. I’ve done my own commercials and I find music. I’ve learned where to find music, where I’m paying or not stealing it. I’ve done sponsorships. I think a lot of it was grassroots, getting on YouTube and finding out how to do it. GarageBand has been my best friend. On Anchor, this is what I do which has been easy. I’m grateful for that. I probably am not doing everything right. I see other people, I’m like, “I should be doing that,” but the numbers are showing. It’s still working. There’s always room for improvement, but that’s where I’ve learned to do it is my Mac, GarageBand and YouTube.

The Law Of Attraction: It's amazing how much better your life can be when you live in the Law of Attraction, and allow yourself to understand the universal energies.
The Law Of Attraction: Starting out, you rely on a lot of grassroots methods. You go on YouTube and learn how to do it, and let GarageBand be your best friend for actually doing it.



You encourage engagement in your community. How do you do that?

I have a Facebook group. I always encourage people to go to that Facebook group. That’s a way to connect with me. That’s the thing, even though they hear me and I get emails from people, I always encourage them to either email me or go to my website or go to my Facebook group. The Facebook group, I get a lot of people even joining me on social media. They’ll send a message on Instagram or on my Facebook. I’m pretty an open book. Every single podcast episode, I encourage people to reach out to me. I always tell people, “Please, I’m approachable. Don’t be afraid to talk to me.”

That’s where they do feel that separation. For you to make it clear that you’re approachable is important.

That’s why I think it’s important to have my fans to be a guest. I had this guest who’s a big fan. Even though she was starstrucked by being with me, she did acknowledge that I’m approachable. I’ve had coaching clients come to me right away and they’re like, “I love you. I came by to talk to you. The reason I’m calling is that you are approachable. You sound approachable.” That’s always been important to me.

You said you’ve monetized your show. You’ve taken sponsors and other things like that. What were some of the best ways that you found to do that?

That’s also been grassroots, people I know. That’s something I want to learn more about, how to increase the amount of monetization on my podcast. That’s part of my learning curve. I’m glad to be part of your community. I’m sure you can teach me a lot.

That might be why we’re attracted here because you are in the right place. That’s what we talk about all the time.

That’s something I put in my vibration. I need to learn how to monetize my podcast.

You’ve certainly earned the right, so that’s also part of it that sends you on your way. This show has been shifting from a feature brand, Center of Influence, which we’re still talking about the Center of Influence, but we’re shifting and talking about some of the binge factors, the things that make our shows binge-able. It sounds like you’ve got some fans that started with you from the beginning, have stayed with you, and you have others that find you, go back to the beginning, listen to all of them, then start communicating and connecting with you. You’ve got a binge factor going on in your show. What do you think it is?

I think part of it’s my energy because I try to exude joy and love. When you teach what you love, you do exude that. I love it so much. From what I’m hearing from people is I have a very loving, energetic approach with people. People feel good hearing me, hearing the interviews. It’s crazy every time I do an interview, in the end, we’re bonded and the energy between us was like, “I want to give you a virtual hug,” but I just met this person. The connection we get is infectious. People who are listening. I heard this from people too, they feel our energy. We’re talking about positivity. We’re talking about what is possible. We’re talking about giving people hope when there isn’t any. We talk about the traumas of life. We talk about real issues because most people come into the Law of Attraction when their life falls apart over and over again like, “I can’t do this anymore. I got hit by a car. The pain was so bad. I had to find a way to change my mindset.” People get hope from my podcast and they hear the love from me and my guests. Those are things that keep people listening.

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I always then step in and say what I think the binge factor is because I review many shows. I think you’re right. It’s the energy. What happens is that energy, because you’re connecting with your guests, puts you into a conversational mode. You don’t ask questions and get answers, you’re having a conversation back and forth. We’re sitting on the outside, feeling the energy of it where it’s like we’re eavesdropping. It’s got a little bit of that factor going on. It’s that conversational style you’re developing in there. That is another reason that it’s binge-able.

Thank you for your feedback. I do feel like it’s fun. If there’s a fly on the wall listening, it would be a fun little conversation here. That’s how I feel. We’re only talking.

Most people that I get to interview here don’t always edit their own show. How do you feel about it? Does that make you more critical? Do you edit heavy? Does make you self-conscious?

No, we all have these personality types. There’s the promoter, controller, supporter, analyst. I’m much a promoter, supporter. Analyst, I’m nothing. Analysts are the ones who care about the details. I don’t. Maybe you can tell about my beginning podcast that I don’t. I can do enough editing without being self-critical. I also feel like perfectionism is a curse. It keeps people from getting things done. I’m absolutely not a perfectionist. That being said, I do love the editing like I take out certain things that were big pauses or there’s a dog barking in the background. I can edit minimal, but I also don’t think it’s important to over-edit because people want to hear the realness of the conversation. I don’t edit too much. If I say something stupid, sometimes I’ll edit it out.

There’s a little bit of self-sensor there.

If there are those things going on at that moment, we can take that out. Nobody needs to know that.

It wouldn’t serve you if you did because of that conversational style you have going. If you have edited it, you would derail the energy that you have going on.

I don’t always edit. It’s just big things. I was trying to edit an episode where there’s a big pause. I couldn’t edit it because GarageBand wasn’t working. I said, “It’s fine. He was drinking water. It’s all good.” You’re saying like, “What is he going to say?” Maybe it’s a cliffhanger. Maybe it’s good. I left it in.

Do you have some big guests out there like, “I want to announce it right here, I might attract that?”

I had Christy Whitman, who is a New York Times bestselling author. Honestly, I didn’t know who she was initially, but I download her book. I’m listening to it and I’m like, “This woman is big.” She’s been on the Today Show, Good Morning America and People magazine. I was like, “She’s coming to me.” I had a moment like, “Why is she coming to my show?” It was a down to Earth conversation and she was approachable and loving. I was honored to have her on the show. I don’t know if you get this, but I get agents who will bring their guests to me. I have a couple of agents. I didn’t solicit them, they found me. That’s the benefit. They’re finding me and connecting their guests to me. I do get some amazing people but so far, she’s been at the cream of the crop. I’m excited if anyone knows the Law of Attraction. Lisa Nichols was in the movie The Secret. She’s one of my favorite motivational speakers and Christy name drops. She’s like, “My good friend, Lisa Nichols.” I’m like, “Are you crazy?” I didn’t say anything, but I figured out the universe will make it happen. Lisa Nichols is going to be on my show.

TBF 35 | The Law Of Attraction


I can also make that happen. I have a connection with her as well. That’s why you listen out there. When you ask, it starts happening. That’s part of that action piece.

You have to ask. This what I love about this podcast. I have this passion, but nobody’s going to know that unless I tell people. I’m going to say, “Get it out there.” I did twice a week. I’m amazed that I can come up with a solo session every week for 52 weeks. I’ve done a solo session where I teach and I was like, “How do I come up with all this stuff?” It’s a creative outlet for me.

I want to point that out to all of the readers out there that Michele has tapped into. When you do solo sessions, especially when you’re a coach, in addition to your interview sessions or business does better at the end of the day because your audience isn’t just liking you, they’re getting a taste of you. That’s another reason why her business is benefiting from her show in what she’s doing there.

Even my coaching clients, they’re there with me all the time and they still listen to my podcast all the time. They come back to me like, “I heard your podcast. Can we talk about that?”

They start quoting you to you.

They were like, “I heard this good podcast.” I was like, “Who was it?” They’re like, “So and so.” I was like, “That was mine.” They are like, “Yes, your podcast.”

Do you have something that’s next? Is there something on the forefront? Are you going to shift some things in your show or you’re going to keep going the way that it is? Is there something that you want to change in what’s going on in the future?

I’m working on a book. I’m putting it together. I have enough for two books because I have so much information to help people still reach all these great stories. I have many great stories in my podcasts. It’s like, “How lucky am I?” Beyond that, I want to start helping people learn to do podcasting too and learn to get their message out in the world. I am shifting gears a little bit and moving into a little bit of marketing, which is funny because I hired as a coach to help me with the reach and my business. I said, “I’m a nurse. I’m not a marketer.” She’s like, “You need to stop that conversation because you’ve done well.”

Everyone’s a salesperson and everyone’s a marketer. That’s it.

It’s holding me back by saying I’m not a marketer, but I do see many exciting things. I’m also open to wherever I go. I see me doing more speaking engagements and getting the book out. I think this book is going to be fantastic, to be honest.

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Do you have a title yet?

Probably, Law of Attraction in Action.

You’re going to use a similar title, which is good. Is there anything else, any other tips for someone starting out that you’d like to share with our audience?

I think people don’t need to complicate it. This is the thing that I’ve learned by starting this podcast, not knowing anything. I wouldn’t consider myself a super savvy tech person. I’m not an analyst. I’m not very detailed, but I got out there and I did it. I figured it out and it does not have to be that hard. I’ve heard people say, “I recorded my podcast. We have the whole season is coming out next year.” I was like, “What do you mean next year?” Sometimes I’ll put it out the next day. I can get it turned around quickly. Don’t let the tech part intimidate you because it does not need to be hard. Show your heart, your passion, your love and it’ll do fine.

Michele Joy, thank you so much for joining me. I appreciate it. Law of Attraction in Action, there are lots of binge-able episodes here. You’re going to want to go through from the beginning or go in reverse from the end. That’s how I did it. Enjoy yourselves and get a chance to experience more of Michele’s wonderful energy.

Thank you for having me.

The Law Of Podcast Audience Attraction — Final Thoughts

I hope you all enjoyed Michele as much as I did. The Law of Attraction in Action has a great message. I know all of you are out there. I hear it all the time. I hear about the energy you’re putting out there. I hear about the ideas that you have, but she’s pointing out something that I think and I believe in my soul is critical. That is the action you take. It has tied back to making sure that you do something of great value, that you take action on that. Moving that Law of Attraction, not just being mindset but being into something that’s action-taking. I hope that you take the energy, the excitement, the conversation with Michele and the advice that she’s given and translate that into action to starting your podcast, your binge-able show. Build in the great binge factor that becomes uniquely yours, as Michele has her unique one as well. That is that conversational style and the way that she builds her interviews.

I love that we get to bring you this every week. I get excited about it. I learned something new from every single podcaster. I’m excited about some of the ones I’ve got coming up for you, so you’re not going to want to miss out. Make sure you subscribe, rate and review The Binge Factor on iTunes and on any platform that you can. I would love to hear your feedback about podcasters that you follow and you love and that you would like me to interview because I’m happy to offer that as well. If you’re a podcaster reading this, you already started your show and you’d like to be on my show, make sure you apply. Go to where we have all the blogs for this episode. Make sure that you are taking these tips to heart and you’re growing your show as well. There are lots of little nuggets here that you can take away and you can apply and take action on. Thanks, everyone.

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