Who We Are

Our Mission

Podcasters United empowers independent podcasters to grow your shows by providing free and low-cost promotion resources and connecting you with targeted audiences. Uniting as a collective, we attract top sponsors and opportunities, enabling accelerated growth for all.

At Podcasters United, our mission is to empower independent podcasters by providing them with the necessary tools, tactics, and resources to promote and amplify their shows without the need for a big network or budget. Through free or low-cost promotion events and targeted community engagement, we strive to elevate your visibility and connect you with large, passionate audiences of podcast listeners. By uniting independent podcasters, we leverage the collective force to attract top sponsors and secure valuable brand partnerships, enabling you to achieve accelerated growth in your podcasting journey and leveling the playing field with networks that can outspend you.

Who Do We Serve?

Podcasters United serves independent podcasters who lack the support of a big network or a substantial budget. The core membership includes podcasters from various genres and niches, ranging from beginners looking for guidance to more experienced podcasters seeking growth opportunities. The organization is always looking for serious growth-focused podcasters who are passionate about their craft, dedicated to producing high-quality content and committed to building a business or community with an engaged audience. Additionally, Podcasters United welcomes podcasters from diverse backgrounds, ensuring inclusivity and representing a wide range of perspectives and voices.

Our Founding Board

Tracy is a seasoned media expert with over 3000 interviews from articles in Authority Magazine and her Inc. Magazine column; and from her multiple top-ranked podcasts. She brings practical working advice helping podcasters find their unique binge-able factor – the thing that makes people come back again and again, listen actively, share as raving fans, and engage even more.


Cover art for the podcasts The Binge Factor, Feed Your Brand, The New Trust Economy, Product Launch Hazzards, and WTFFF?!

Tom is a top influence strategist for speakers, authors and experts, helping publications, sports stars,  entrepreneurs, and influencers podcast their unique message. As a successful inventor and productdesigner with over 40 US patents issued and pending, Tom has been rethinking how to get seen, heard, found, and rewarded in our noisy digital world.


Cover art for the podcasts Feed Your Brand, Product Launch Hazzards, The Next Little Thing, Purchasing Truth, and WTFFF?!

Our Founding Sponsors

We wouldn’t even exist without these people. Thankfully, they all recognized that the independent podcaster starts with the disadvantage of being… well, independent. You’re beholden to no one — but that freedom comes with, usually, anonymity. Another voice in the crowd, a snowflake in a blizzard, a drop of water in a babble of babbling brooks. We can be the signpost that points to you, and all because of the foresight of these companies:

Become a Sponsor

Want to be a part of the greatest thing for podcasters since the invention of podcasting?  Imagine those bygone days of  yore — all of those poor podcasters, sitting in front of their microphones, talking to no one but recording themselves, not being able to distribute their content because there wasn’t any way to do it yet? Talk about ahead of their time! Sad, really… Well, okay, maybe it’s not THAT, but it’s still pretty darn innovative. And you don’t need to give money! I mean, everyone LIKES money, but we happily accept in-kind donations or volunteers. Best of all, it’s money that you DON’T need to give to Uncle Sam! 501(c)(3), baby, tax deductible all the way!
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