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Tips, Tactics & Strategies for Getting Podcasters Seen, Heard, Found & Rewarded

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Podcast Monetization & Promotion Experts Tracy Hazzard & Tom Hazzard

What is the Feed Your Brand Podcast all about?

We are on a mission to reinvent brand marketing with an obsessive (video and) podcaster-centric focus on solutions to get you seen, heard, found, and rewarded in a noisy digital world.

It requires hard work but thousands of business owners have turned their brands into massive successes through podcasting. If you’re:
  • Struggling to figure out how to grow your podcast
  • Making all the wrong rookie mistakes
  • Wanting to grow your brand organically
  • Needing the advice that will make you confident and eager to begin
Then you’ve come to the right podcast.
Don’t stay in permanent potential or risk pod-fading… learn from our years of experience and get actionable Videocast and Podcast Power Tactics, Content Building Formulas, and Smart Cut Secrets. Join us to learn how to scale your brand organically with a podcast that listeners love. Be original. Be heard. Learn. Grow.

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