Raising Up Women Podcasters: How To Use Podcasting To Inspire Other Women

Podcasting is not just audio content but also a platform where you can grow an audience and build authority. On top of all that, it is certainly an effective approach to get your voice out there. International Women’s Day showcased the power of the voice a woman seizes. As we wrap up this celebration, it is truly grateful to have our guests, the great women podcasters, grace our show and give inspiration. In this episode, Tracy shares some details about her other three podcasts and columns, the brilliant team who made this podcast possible and manageable, and the special offer you surely don’t want to miss.

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Raising Up Women Podcasters: How To Use Podcasting To Inspire Other Women



We’re wrapping up the International Women’s Day and our features of great and amazing women podcasters. I want to thank them and give a shout out to Christy Whitman, Juliet Clark, Carolyn Rivera, Dr. Marissa Pei, Esateys, Lillian Walker, Aleah Ava, Dr. Liz Hoefer, Jennifer Ford Berry, Penny Zenker, Phoebe Mroczek and Stefanie LaHart. I had so much fun with these women. It’s incredible. If you missed any of them, they’re all there. They’re going to be on the Feed Your Brand Facebook page. They’re also going to be on FeedYourBrand.co, our website for the podcast.

I have to thank the Brandcasters and Podetize team also. I want to make a big shout out to them because they’re trying to juggle two things. We’ve got Feed Your Brand International Women’s Day going on here and we’ve got Podfest going on in Florida. All of that is going on at the same time so they had to produce graphics and help me out with all of this. Technically, I want to thank the team for supporting me because I can’t do what I do. I can’t have #BalanceforBetter and #LifeInHarmony without the team. That’s the last thing I want to leave you with. I run three columns: Inc. magazine, Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. I write articles as well. I’ve got all of that going on. Plus, I’ve got four podcasts. I haven’t mentioned all of them and I was going to mention them briefly in case you’re interested in them.

WTFFF?! 3D Printing is our oldest with 560 something episodes on there. Only if you’re really interested in 3D printing because otherwise, you won’t know what’s going on. Feed Your Brand here and this is our podcast for Brandcasting. For those that are out there doing podcasts blogs and videos, we want to cover you and help you with what’s going on out there. Who’s great at this, who’s got great models that are working and sharing all of that with you? That’s our goal here at Feed Your Brand and highlighting and promoting special individuals who are doing great things in the podcast world. I’m going to mention something about that because I’m going to give you a great offer. This is not salesy at all because I promise you, it’s all free.

Product Launch Hazzards is my third podcast. Product Launch Hazzards is for Amazon sellers, eCommerce sellers, those launching products and inventions. It’s a culmination of all the 25-plus experts that are involved in any time I’ve ever launched a product in the last several years. They’re all there and we’re all sharing our wisdom with you and sharing all the things that go wrong, all the hazards of product launching. That’s there for you. My newest one is The New Trust Economy. This is what I want to share with you. It’s a quick little story and I just want to share it with you because this is how powerful podcasting has been for me in getting my expertise, getting my voice out there and getting me to be established authority quickly in an industry.

The sooner you get out there and start talking to people in, the sooner you start building those relationships. Share on X

In January 2019, I launched the podcast called The New Trust Economy with my cohost, Monika Proffitt. She couldn’t be here because she’s headed to South by Southwest. She couldn’t be here to be featured otherwise, we’d be talking about that show. The New Trust Economy is all about blockchain, cryptocurrency and how that world is going to change our economy in the future. I started that in January 2019 and it was after I had done this whole string of interviews at an event and everyone said, “This was really great. You should do more.”

The reality is, I’m not an expert in blockchain, Monika is. She wrote the book, Blockchain 101. I’m not an expert in that. She represents that but I’m curious. I’m business curious and application curious. I decided to start a podcast around that with her so that I could explore that side of that. Fast forward to February 20, 2019, I was invited to go on the Larry King Now show as a panelist and I was a remote panelist and there were four of us on there. All of the other three people; one of the founders of Wikipedia, the founder of XYO and Eric Tippetts, the co-founder of NASGO. These are all established guys in the blockchain world. Here I am, just the podcast girl who’s only had a podcast for one month. I held my own there and I was able to talk about things because I’m good at this. I’m good at what I do. I’m good at how I ask questions and I’m an expert in that.

I was leveled to that because of my podcast, because I had interviewed someone and that producer saw me and said, “That’s the voice we need. That’s the perspective we need to bring this.” You never know when this is going to happen. If you are not putting your voice out there, if you’re not putting your face out there, if you’re not putting your words out there. That’s why we’re big at Brandcasters with making sure that it’s video, audio and blog posts, all because you want to be seen. You want to be heard and you want to be found most importantly where people are searching, wherever that might be.

My ultimate goal is to show you and share that story so that you understand that it does not have to happen in years. It can happen overnight. It can happen quickly. I’ve got my Inc. column because of my very first podcast. All of those things and the things that have come to me over time have come because I’ve made this part of my business work for me. Work effectively and get out there. If there’s anything that I can leave with you is that the sooner you get out there and start talking to people, the sooner you start building those relationships and getting out there and doing this type of thing is really going to help you move forward.

Make sure you’re making the right products and services and telling the right things because you’re going to have conversations about it, so it’s got to be right. It’s also going to make sure that you are in your element. If you can be passionate about that on episode one and episode 567, then you know that this is the right thing for you. This is worth spending your time and energy. We’ve talked about that. That’s what I want to share with you. I also want to give you a promotion opportunity. If you’re out there, if you’re a video caster or podcaster, any of that type of influencer, I want to invite you to be able to go to FeedYourBrand.co/PRNow. That is going to allow you to be a part of our guests and hosts directory, which is totally free. You can fill out a profile and you can be found by our podcast hosts. We’re headed into the thousands in 2019. We’re getting really close to that. They’re going to be able to find you and they’re going to be able to invite you to be a guest on their show because your expertise needs to get out there. That’s going to be the case.

Women Podcaster: You never know when things are going to happen if you are not putting your voice, your face, or your words out there.


You’re also going to be able to find great podcast hosts. You’re going to be able to understand what their beat is, as we talked about with Stefanie LaHart. You’re going to be able to find out what interests them, what excites them and what their things are about. I just told you what my four different podcasts are about. You would know how to come back and pitch to me, “I’d be perfect for your blockchain show because I’ve been working in cryptocurrency for X number of years and here’s my perspective.” You have a way to communicate that to me. You’ll be able to do that with all the hosts that opt into our platform as well. That’s a free place for you to connect and do that absolutely back and forth between each other.

In addition, if you’ll be able to fill out and apply to be a part of an Authority Magazine feature because I’m just writing this new column and I’m super excited about it. I’m going to be featuring video casters and podcasters who are putting their message out there. It’s an opportunity for you to be featured for free in a magazine. There are no sales involved here. All you’ve got to do is sign in. Go right there to FeedYourBrand.co/PRNow and join me and let me help get your voices out there, get you heard, get you seen and found. Thank you so much for being here on International Women’s Day as I celebrate all of these great women podcasters. Thank you again.

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