Three New Ways to Help Boost your Podcast for Free!

Whether you’re a guest looking to pitch yourself to podcasts or a host who’s looking for more guests, you’re going to want to pay attention to this episode as we talk about three new ways to help boost your show for free. A pain point for many podcasters is how to get the word out to others and have others help us promote our show and raise awareness. There’s actually no limit to getting the opportunity to be in all those places. Join us to find out how you can get exposure for your show and find good guests.

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Three New Ways to Help Boost your Podcast for Free!

One of the most common questions or concerns that we hear from, either new or existing podcasters is, “How am I going to get the word out? How I’m going to let people know that I have this podcast out there? How do I get more listeners?” Certainly, there are many answers to that question and I’m not going to dive into all of them. This is not 101 series on how to do that. We’ve done some other episodes on that and we’ll do some more in the future. I want to talk about the three new ways that we have come up with to help boost your show. This might at first seem a little self-serving. It’s not intended to be that way. It’s just that as we encounter podcasters in our travels at different business events and networking events, whether they’re specifically podcast-related or not, this is an incredibly popular topic and a pain point for many podcasters.

They’re going and spending all this time putting out this wonderful content. Other than putting it up on iTunes and other than spending a whole lot of money on expensive PR campaigns or marketing campaigns that have various levels of success or even lack of success in terms of return on any ad spend, how can you do it more organically? How can you get the word out? Obviously, everybody has a social media profile, whether you prefer LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, whatever it is. Certainly, one of the things we’ve talked about in the past and continues to be true for all of us podcasters is utilizing our social media reach to get the word out. More importantly, how can we get the word out to others and have others help us promote our show and raise awareness? That’s something that we’ve been thinking a lot about here on Feed Your Brand podcast and in our business. We decided we can do something about this and help raise everyone up or at least give everyone opportunities.

We have created three different ways that you can get exposure for your show that are completely free. If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you know that we are in the business of podcasting. Our platform, Podetize, is out there as a hosting platform and certainly, our done-for-you production clients are able to use these resources as well. The reality is we wanted to put this out there as something free for anybody. Whether you ever knew us before or not or you’ve ever worked with us, it does not matter. These things that I’m going to offer you and share with you are available to anybody whether we know you or not.

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Be Listed As A Host In The Feed Your Brand Podcast Directory

The first is on our website, We have created the opportunity for you to be listed as a host in the Feed Your Brand podcast directory. You can go to the page on our website and apply to have yourself listed, have a profile of yourself in our podcast directory. There’s a simple form you fill out and you submit with all the information and then our team will make a listing for you in the directory. Anybody who is looking as a guest, who’s looking to get interviews on podcasts, to help promote whatever they’re doing or for whatever reason they may have, they can apply to you the host of your show to be a guest. We’re very sensitive to not spam anybody. I’m sure the last thing any podcast host needs as a whole are more email in their inbox of people soliciting them and people you don’t know.


What we’ve done is when a potential guest of yours comes to our directory, they can research about your show. There will be information on your show. If you have a show one sheet, it will be there. A little bio on you as the host. What your show is about, a link to the show on your website for the show. All that information is there. If they want to pitch you as the host, to be a guest on your show, they click a button and they fill out a form. That form will collect all the information and it sends it through our system at Podetize. It sends it through our system that will then send the host an email with all the information to be reviewed. We’re not allowing you the guest potentially to directly communicate with the host. We are providing the information in a protected way coming from us, an intermediary third party. It’s the host’s option to review that information and decide for themselves. They could do a little research, a little homework and decide if the guest who’s pitching to be on their show is in fact a good fit for them or not.

Our form and all of the communication on the site also informs this potential guest that it’s completely up to the discretion of the host if they want to interview or communicate with you, the potential guests. If they’re interested, they will reach out to the guest. If not, then that’s the end of it. We don’t want to create a situation where a PR agency or somebody who’s trying to get on every podcast possible and knock on every door, would keep knocking repeatedly on your email inbox and annoy the host. We certainly don’t want that. Not that every guest is going to do that but you could see the potential for this type of thing to happen. We’re not randomly connecting people and disclosing their contact information. We’re doing this in what I think is a very appropriate and a very professional way, where we’re allowing people to pitch each other and connect and hopefully foster a lot of introductions. Help provide a lot of valuable connections for podcast hosts to receive pitches from potential guests. That’s option one.

Be A Podcast Guest For Other Podcasters

The second way to boost your show, even if you’re a podcast host is to be found as a podcast guest for other podcasters. Truthfully, this is available not to podcast hosts to be guests. It’s also available for people that are not podcasts hosts but anybody who wants to be found as a podcast guest and you think that you are a particularly good guest. Maybe you’ve been a guest on a bunch of podcasts in the past and it’s worked well for you and you want to continue to do that. You want to make yourself known, to be seen and eventually heard on more podcasts. There is a guest directory side to this platform that we’ve created on our site as well.

Whether you’re a podcast host or not, you want to be featured as a guest, same situation. Go to the link at the website and you can fill out a form, put up all your bio information, your headshot, if you have a guest one sheet put it there. Any information about any books that you’ve written, links to where you are on social media or your website. Anywhere that a podcast host could do a little research on you and evaluate you and see if they want to have you as a guest on their show. Is it a good fit? The same thing applies that when a podcast host finds you in the directory and then they’re interested in having you be a guest on their show, they will fill out a form as the host and apply to you or pitch to you the potential guest. That your show would be a good one that they should come and book a time to be a guest on your show.

The potential podcast guest is going to receive an application from the podcast host. The guest is going to be able to review all the information about that show, about the host, their background, their bio, go listen to an episode, another episode on the show and decide if that show would be a good fit for the guest. It’s all about trying to match up but ultimately, in the case of someone listed as a part of the guest directory, it’s their choice. Do they want to be a guest on that podcast and they have the option? We’re going to provide that email to them with all your information coming from us. It will be up to that podcast guest to reach out and decide if they want to connect with the host and be a guest on their show.

Once the two sides connect, then the guest can book a time for that interview and it’s off and running. If the guest for whatever reason feels that podcast is not a fit, there’s not this awkwardness of them needing to actually reply. The podcast host is told when they submit the form if the guest feels that your show is a good fit for them, they will reply to you. If they don’t, then that’s it. There’s none of this annoying repeated emailing, knocking on the door and trying to be a guest. I’m excited about both the host directory and the guest directory. Essentially when you get there, you’ll see that it’s one big directory. You can screen it in terms of whether you’re looking for guests, if you’re a podcast host. If you’re a guest, you’re looking for podcasts and you’re looking to pitch yourself. You have the options. They’re listed distinctly as podcast hosts or podcast guests.

Boost Your Show: When you do podcast guesting, you make yourself known, seen, and eventually heard on more podcasts.


This is completely free. It doesn’t have to cost you anything to go and do it. I would recommend for those of you either as a podcast host or as a potential podcast guest, if you don’t have a one sheet then I recommend you get one or create one. If you don’t have one or know what they are and if you haven’t used one before, you can do a little homework or there are people out there who will help you create one. Basically, it’s nicely put together page, it’s not a resume it’s more of a pitch document. It provides the key information about you as an individual. If you’re a podcast host, it’s about your show, what it’s about, what it stands for, typical guests you might have and all that information to pitch you as a podcast host.

If it’s a guest, it’s about you, what are you an expert in? What is your experience, your headshot? What about your social media following, are you an author? What books have you authored, why? What is it you’re an expert in or what is it you’re all about? Why would a podcast host want to interview you on their show? You don’t have to have a one sheet. You can list your bio information and all your info in the directory listing. A lot of times a one sheet is a nicer and a higher level of presentation of you. There are also usually some little bit of graphics involved. It’s a nicer way to up-level your listing. I would recommend that.

Be Featured In Authority Magazine

I’m now talking about the third way to boost your show that we’ve come up with and we’re offering as an opportunity for anybody reading this blog. That is to apply to be featured in Authority Magazine by columnist, Tracy Leigh Hazzard, who’s also the cohost of this show. Tracy is a columnist. She is an Inc. columnist. She has a column on and she also publishes articles on Thrive Global. Tracy is a new columnist for Authority Magazine and she has the ability to publish as many articles there as she wants to. The great thing about Authority Magazine is they are actively trying to feature podcasters. They’re trying to become a destination for articles and information about podcasters.

The last thing any podcast host needs are more email in their inbox of people soliciting them and people they don't know. Share on X

For all of you podcast hosts, this is an opportunity for you to be featured and written about. This is completely free. This is not a paid situation or paid to play at all. This is an opportunity for you to go to our website for Feed Your Brand. I’m going to give you a specific URL where you can go to apply. You fill out a form to be featured by Tracy Leigh Hazzard to be interviewed and featured in an article. That article will not only be posted on Authority Magazine’s website, but it will also have a link back from their website to your website, to your show. I don’t know if everyone realizes this, but Feed Your Brand and Podetize are our company. It is our mission, our goal to help the individual podcaster become the center of influence in their niche, in their genre, in their market. That’s our mission. That’s our goal.

We’ve come up with three new ways to help you do that. Trying to connect guests with hosts, with the guest directory and the host directory. We are also giving you this opportunity to be featured in Authority Magazine and have that power of a backlink from their site to yours. It’s a way for you to get free exposure for your show. Where can I go to apply? We’ve created one new webpage on our website at All you’ve got to remember is go to There are also all other navigation opportunities to get to any of these things. That’s one landing page which gives you those three options.

Are you a guest looking to pitch yourself to podcasts? Are you a host who’s looking for more guests? Are you looking to be featured with an article in Authority Magazine written by columnist Tracy Leigh Hazzard? It could be all three and you’re welcome and invited to participate in all of them. I’m very excited about this because we’re always looking for new ways for podcasters to get exposure for their show and to help find them good guests. We have guests all the times who ask us, “How can I go and pitch myself to podcasters?” We’re trying to help provide good ways to do that. It’s a public service. We’re super excited about it and we hope that you will be too. I look forward to the day when there are tens of thousands of people in those directories and hundreds of articles on Authority Magazine. There’s no limit to how many can apply and actually get the opportunity to be in all those places. I hope that this is of great value to everybody. Please check that out and always remember that you can reach us anywhere in social media, @FeedYourBrand, especially on Facebook. Thank you so much. The three ways to boost your show, come and participate. We would love it. Stay tuned for a future one as we will certainly do that. This has been Tom Hazzard on Feed Your Brand.

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