How to Create a Bingeable Podcast through Changing Lives with Michelle Glogovac of the My Simplified Life Podcast

How to Create a Bingeable Podcast through Changing Lives with Michelle Glogovac of the My Simplified Life Podcast


As part of my series of interviews about “5 things you need to know to create a very bingeable podcast”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Glogovac.

Michelle is THE podcast matchmaker, podcast producer, and host of the My Simplified Life podcast. After an 18 year career in corporate aviation, Michelle discovered her love of all things podcasting and launched her podcasting & PR agency. She works with entrepreneurs and business owners to niche down, grow their businesses, and visibility while ensuring their message reaches the masses. Michelle is a natural relationship maker, which is why her passion for helping experts be interviewed on podcasts is so successful. Michelle is a wife, mom of two, and stepmom of two. She has her B.A. and M.S. in Law and resides in the Bay Area.

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Can you tell us a bit of your “personal backstory? What is your background and what eventually brought you to this particular career path?

I thought I was destined to be an attorney from the age of 5 and was even bringing my dad’s briefcase to school in Kindergarten. I attended UC Santa Barbara and was a Law & Society major, but while there I needed a part-time job to help fund my education and extracurricular sport of crew. I ended up at the airport working at an FBO (Fixed Base Operation) which ultimately was the beginning of my 18-year career in corporate aviation. In April 2018, I was laid off from my aviation job and decided I wanted to make a career change that would allow me to be home more with my young children and travel less. At that time, I didn’t even know how to listen to a podcast! Over the course of that summer, I discovered podcasts and was asked by a host if I would start pitching her to be interviewed on podcasts. As they say, the rest is history! I fell in love with the podcasting industry and the fact that podcasts are life-changing for so many.

Can you share a story about the most interesting thing that has happened to you since you started podcasting?

One of the most interesting things that have happened and continue to happen is the relationships I have made. There’s a big misconception that you need to have a huge following or be someone famous for others to connect with you or be interviewed by you and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have interviewed some very large influencers and collaborated with well-known podcasters. One of these interviews turned into a friendship and now a course collaboration launching August 20, 2020, on how to create your own podcast.

Can you share a story about the biggest or funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson or takeaways you learned from that?

One story that sticks out to me was when I first started recording my own podcast. I had bought a fancy Blue Yeti microphone in white and simply hit record. It didn’t sound good at all! I asked my editor to hop on a Zoom call with me and look over my setup to try to fix it. The issue? It was that a Yeti microphone isn’t like a regular microphone where you speak into the top of it. On a Yeti, you have to talk into the side of the microphone. The biggest takeaway from that moment and lesson I continue to utilize because of it is that you should trust experts and ask for help. It’s great to do things on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask for help to get it right.

How long have you been podcasting and how many shows have you aired?

I have been podcasting for just under a year now and as of this interview, I’ve aired 37 episodes. I also produce a number of podcasts, so that number is well over 500 now.

What are the main takeaways, lessons, or messages that you want your listeners to walk away with after listening to your show?

My hope for all of my listeners is that they understand that no matter what has happened in the past or present is not indicative of their future. Each and every one of us is in charge of what our future looks like and we have the power to make our wildest dreams come true and achieve our biggest goals. Whether you’re a parent and thinking about launching a business or someone who wants to make a career switch, you absolutely can make it happen. My goal is to arm my listeners with the tools they need to make that happen and to show them that it can happen and does happen.

Check out the full interview in Tracy Hazzard’s Authority Magazine article about Michelle Glogovac!

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Michelle Glogovac of the My Simplified Life Podcast shares the best way to:

1) Book Great Guests. Simply ask for the interview. You might be surprised at how willing people will be to speak to you. Who doesn’t love free publicity and sharing their story?! When I ask people who don’t know me to be a guest on my show, I tell them how I found them, what I want them to talk about on the show, and then details about me, what my show is about and who my audience is.

2) Increase Listeners. Repurpose your episodes on multiple platforms. I don’t just publish my episodes to Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, but also to all of the other podcast platforms along with Medium, YouTube, my website, Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Bloglovin. The more available your podcast is, the wider audience you can reach.

3) Produce in a Professional Way. Investing in an editor is my biggest recommendation for all podcasters. Be consistent with where you record your episodes so that they sound the same and create graphics that represent your show.

4) Encourage Engagement. Show up on social media and share your episodes. Always include a call-to-action in your show notes, the end of your episode, and your social media posts to get your listeners involved. You can also offer freebies or guides for your audience to download, which in turn also helps you grow your email list.

5) Monetize. Utilize your podcast to sell your services and products. This does NOT mean making your podcast a talking commercial for yourself. For example, I am a podcast producer and offer PR services. When you listen to my podcast, you can hear the quality I produce along with the quality of guests I have, who often are also my clients.

In your opinion what makes your podcast binge-listenable? What do you think makes your podcast unique from the others in your category? What do you think is special about you as a host, your guests, or your content?

Check out the full interview in Tracy Hazzard’s Authority Magazine article about Michelle Glogovac!

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