Creating Impact Through a Bingeable Podcast Show, with Hailey Miller of the How We’ll Live Podcast

Creating Impact Through a Bingeable Podcast Show, with Hailey Miller of the How We’ll Live Podcast


As part of my series of interviews about podcasters and videocasters creating The Binge Factor, I had the pleasure of interviewing Hailey Miller. She is an NYC based well-being coach, motivational speaker, strategic marketing professional, and host of the podcast How We’ll Live. She believes that with the right tools, we all have the capability to live a life filled with purpose and meaning and has spoken at corporations including Convene, AdHawk, New York Road Runners, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Through vulnerability and storytelling, Hailey’s goal is to support people in deepening their connection with themselves and the world so we can all live better, healthier and happier.


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Can you tell us the “backstory” about why or how you got started as a podcaster?

I’ve always had a wild imagination and loved storytelling. There’s something about finding the right words to share information that is really powerful and sometimes emotional. I’ve also always loved to “perform” and had the opportunity to do a lot of public speaking in my career. I knew I wanted to bring these passions to life so when I was in between jobs a friend asked me “If you could do anything, what would it be?”, and I said to share a message and interview people who are doing something awesome. He said, “start a podcast.”

I’d like to say the rest is history but there’s so much work, ideation, and creativity that’s required to really get it off the ground. I’d be lying if I didn’t share that side of it! I finally decided that I wanted to talk about topics that had meaning and by sharing could have a positive impact on the world. So I decided to share conversations with people that make the world a better place in their own unique way. I interview thought leaders and creators whose innovative work, ideas, and products are making the world a better place. We talk about culture, society, the environment, health, relationships, and socio-economic issues to name a few. Once I decided that I just went for it!

Can you share a story about the most interesting thing that has happened to you since you started podcasting?

I think the most interesting thing that’s happened to me since podcasting is the idea of expansion. Expansion in every sense of the word.

I set out with a goal of learning and finding a creative outlet, but what happened was so much greater than that. The podcast is so much bigger than me.

Every single time I interview someone, I learn at least 5 new things. Some of the topics are really complex and others are really emotional and moving. If I hadn’t started the podcast, I may not have even thought to learn about the topics. Take the opioid epidemic or VR for example. Those were things that were off my radar, but I am so happy that they found their way to me! I have to do so much research before each episode, it kind of feels like I’m back in school. But the research is an important component of it all as it helps the conversations feel more organic. Half the time it feels like I’m getting a free therapy session. Recently, I spoke with Ty Tashiro about relationships and figured out what I’ve been doing all wrong in looking for “the one.”

In thinking of expansion another way, I’ve also expanded my community. The people I talk with are AMAZING and they introduce me to people who introduce me to people, it’s like a domino effect. And then there are the people who listen and engage with me. It means SO much when someone sends a message or leaves a nice review. I feel like I’m getting to know people and they’re getting to know me. Something that’s important to note though is that while I am totally myself on the show, it’s only a sliver of who I fully am.

Finally, I find myself being able to engage in conversations outside of the show in a more meaningful way like I feel confident in my own voice and I know about cool and interesting things.

Can you share a story about the biggest or funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

I don’t even want to be reminded of this, but when one of the first episodes went live, I spelled the guests name wrong in the title. I have NO idea if they saw it, but I was mortified. The lesson there was to have more attention to detail and be more mindful when I execute the content. Every time I release an episode and the content that goes along with it, I am representing myself, my brand, and the person that I’m featuring and it’s important to do it well and with integrity.

What are the main takeaways or lessons you want your listeners to walk away with?

I want my listeners to walk away feeling inspired and motivated to make the world or themselves better. We all have the ability to make an impact and when we fully engage with the world and get to know ourselves. Life becomes so much more meaningful when we do. Having a life that means something bigger than you really adds value. I know that sounds corny and cliché but it’s true.

I also hope that like me, they learned something new! I want to challenge the status quo and existing thought patterns because as far as I’m concerned that’s not good enough. The world needs big change — whether it’s health care, personal development, decreasing stress, thinking about women’s health, the environment or the drug epidemic, there’s so much that can be done. The expectation is not for everyone to be passionate and try to make a change in every area but to find out what they’re passionate about so they can go all-in on that thing. Be passionate. Get curious. Be interested. It’s important.

I designed the show to spark curiosity, help people learn new things, and even inspire hidden passion. I want people to have that “huh…I didn’t think of it that way before” and feel like they’re in the driver’s seat to living a really great, meaningful life while having a positive impact.

Check out the full interview in Tracy Hazzard’s Authority Magazine article about Hailey Miller!

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Podcaster Influencer, Hailey Miller of the How We’ll Live Podcast shares the best ways to:

1) Book Great Guests. When I first got started, I cold emailed over 100 people and about 12 of them said yes, a handful said no, and most I never heard back from. This was hard, but I expected it and was really happy with the outcome. Heck, I was emailing people I didn’t know with no audience. So, a HUGE thank you to all of my guests for taking a chance on an interview with me. I looked for guests by listening to TED talks, reading the NY Times and getting into the Twittersphere because that’s where the guests for the topics I was looking to talk about were “hanging out”.

The hardest part was people asking me the reach of the show before I even got started. It was like the chicken or the egg scenario. But once you get started though, it becomes easier to land great guests and people will start recommending their peers to you.

2) Increase Listeners. Have guests who have an established and loyal community. My friend, Joe Cross is a documentary filmmaker and he came to the show. His community LOVES him so when he was a guest, my listeners skyrocketed. Thanks, Joe!

Ask each guest no matter how well-known or how big their following is to share the podcast when it goes live. You can make it easier for them by providing quotes and content they can post without taking up a lot of their time and creative energy.

3) Produce in a Professional Way. You don’t need to invest in fancy equipment to have a great show. I use a mic and skype and most days record from my bedroom. If you can afford to get awesome equipment upfront go for it. For me the investment wasn’t worth it in the beginning. I hope I’ll be upgrading my equipment soon. Sound quality is important though, it’s a listening medium, so I also hired someone to clean the audio and add intros and outros with the music I selected.

4) Encourage Engagement. Don’t take a guest just because they are a person willing to be on your show. Even if they’re amazing, if they don’t fit your vibe and theme take a pass and share them with a friend or colleague where they might fit. Focus on bringing value to your audience then the right people will be there when you need them and vice versa.

5) Monetize Your Show. Right now, connecting with amazing people is what interests me the most.

What makes your podcast binge-listenable? What do you think makes your podcast unique from the others in your category? What do you think is special about you as a host, your guests, or the content itself?

Check out the full interview in Tracy Hazzard’s Authority Magazine article about Hailey Miller!

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