Podcasters, Unite!

Liberté, Egalité, Podcastité!

a.k.a. our raison d'etre / mission statement

Okay, our French is a little tortured. But the point is that our mission is this: Uniting independent podcasters in order to create more power amplification! By uniting, we make sure every voice is heard, even without big network marketing dollars. Podcasters United empowers podcast hosts to grow by providing the necessary tools, tips, tactics, and resources to promote, amplify, and collective bargain for publicity and monetization opportunities. Through unification, we leverage our collective force to level the playing field with networks that can outspend any individual independent podcaster. And, thanks to our generous sponsors, we provide it without any union dues! Join the movement created by podcasters, for podcasters, about podcasters — FREE to Podcasters!

These folks beat the pod odds! Pod-odds? PODDODS. Fun to say AND achieve!

Less than 2% of all podcasters reach 100+ episodes. Every week, we feature these elite podcasters who successfully weathered the storms of adversity, laughed in the face of podfading, and produced a full 5 score episodes (that’s a hundred to you and me). 

There IS such a thing as free coaching.

Everyone from seasoned veterans to straight-up beginners benefit from these FREE, weekly, LIVE podcasting coaching sessions. 

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